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It is the 735th year of the Cassian Union, in the reign of Johnathon Cassian the Third, in the fabled city of Phoenix Hawk. They say that every road leads to this city. Each of your characters resides in this city, where many different times, places, and people gather together. Phoenix Hawk is a city of both magic and technology. It is also a place where different factions constantly struggle for power. Sometimes this struggle for power is obvious, and other times this struggle is made through subterfuge.

The city of Phoenix Hawk is a vast place. It is separated into three main tiers. The top tier is the Spire City, where the aristocracy of the city live. At the center of the Spire City is the tallest spire of the Great Citadel, and at its corners are the four spires of the Great Houses. The second tier is the Middle City, where most of the residents of Phoenix Hawk reside. There are four main broad-ways in the Middle City, with the lower part of the Great Citadel at the center.

The lowest tier of the city is called the Under City, which consists of massive layers of rubble and destroyed buildings. The Scavenger’s Town in this area is the center for Phoenix Hawk City’s Black Market. Further into the rubble of the Under City are the dark and poisonous areas of the Under City, which are usually referred to as the Lost City.

There are four major political powers in Phoenix Hawk City. They are called, ‘the Houses,’ and they represent both trades like a Guild, and also lineages of aristocracy. The ruling House is House Creusus, which is the House of the Emperor Cassian. They fly the standard of a red cross on a gold background. The next House is House Rosa, who fly the standard of a red and green rose on a silver background. The next House is House Shiloh, who fly the standard of blue waves on a copper background. The final House is House Serpentis, who fly the standard of a purple and green snake on a gold background.

House Rosa is famed for its diplomats. House Shiloh is renowned for its navigators and shipsmen. House Serpentis is famed for its political subterfuge, including assassination. Membership in one of the Houses is by no means required in Phoenix Hawk City. However, many see it as a privilege and as a means for self-advancement.

It is in this city that the characters make their beginning. Here you will be given a chance to succeed, or a chance to fail. Here you will be given the chance to tell your character’s story.

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